“An integral part of our lives.”

“We have been members of St. Paul’s since our family moved to Westfield ten years ago and the church has been an integral part of our lives. We celebrated our children’s baptisms, watched our kids flourish at the day school, and met many members who became close friends. More importantly, we enjoyed the comfort and challenge of liturgy delivered by outstanding ministers. We are so blessed to be part of the St. Paul’s community. Our lives are much better for it!” – Amelia S

“A door to new opportunities.”

“I grew up at St. Paul’s. I was baptized and went to preschool here; I’m now eighteen and a senior at Westfield High School. Needless to say, I’ve spent countless Sundays in a pew. But I met God in the real world, such as our monthly Mission Kitchen, serving for a homeless organization called Family Promise and, my favorite, week long mission trips in the summer. I’ve worked on a myriad of different projects on the six mission trips I’ve attended: cleaning a hoarders house, playing Bingo at nursing homes, taking care of children in urban areas at Kid’s Club and clearing a nature trail of rocks twice my size. For me, St. Paul’s isn’t an hour every Sunday. It’s a community and my comfort zone, but also a door to new opportunities.” – Kelly W

“Many milestones and memories.”

“We were thrilled to find St. Paul’s when we moved to Westfield ten years ago, and since then, St. Paul’s has played a very important role in our family’s life. All four of our children have thrived at the Day School — three are Kindergarten graduates and our youngest is enjoying the Time for Twos program this year. The church has also been the site of many milestones and memories for us. We’ve celebrated baptisms there, and our kids have loved taking part in some of the special traditions like the Christmas pageant, the Easter Egg Hunt and Vacation Bible School. We feel a unique connection to St. Paul’s too because my grandparents were members of the parish in the 1950s, and my mother has fond memories of attending the church when she was a child growing up in Westfield. St. Paul’s is a truly special place and community, and we are so grateful to be a part of it. ” – Kate J

“A home for our faith to grow.”

“My husband and I found Saint Paul’s when we were looking for a church to get married in. Neither of us were raised with religion, but we had some element of faith and wanted a home for it to grow. What drew us to Saint Paul’s, and what has kept us here for 12 years is the people. Our children have been raised in this church, it’s quite literally their second home, and our fellow parishioners are extended family.” – Melissa G

“Many deeply meaningful moments and friendships.”

“St. Paul’s is my spiritual home and community. This is why, as an adult, I chose to become a baptized Christian here. It is also why all four of my children have been baptized here. Being part of this church has provided me with many deeply meaningful moments and friendships. On my journey to being baptized, I became part of the St. Paul’s community through volunteering and attending activities at church. Whether it is with Sunday School, Vacation Bible Camp, the Book Sale, or delivering food for Mission Kitchen, everyone was very welcoming and made me feel like I could make an impact no matter how much or how little time I had. I am grateful to be part of St. Paul’s.” – My Linh