Vestry & Wardens

Our Vestry

A Vestry is the governing and legal decision-making body of the parish. It is also the parish’s legal representative in all matters pertaining to corporate property.

The primary responsibilities of the Vestry are as follows:

  • to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation
  • to support the church’s mission by word and deed
  • to select the rector in charge
  • to ensure effective organization and planning of parish work and activities
  • to manage resources and finances in cooperation with the treasurer

Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting, and the presiding officer is the rector in charge.

St. Paul’s Vestry Members:

  • Leslie Cimei
  • Paula Dzuback
  • Caroline Ellison
  • Melissa Gyure
  • Scott Hutchinson
  • Annette Hughes
  • Andy Rickert
  • Eric Sarrazin
  • Runi Sriwardena
  • Anne Westpheling
  • Rosemary Woods


  • Kevin Moore

Our Wardens

Wardens are officers of the parish. Two wardens are selected to serve with members of the Vestry. The wardens are the primary elected lay leaders of the congregation and serve as the principal liaison between the parish and the rector in charge.

  • St. Paul’s Senior Warden: Andrew Rovito
  • St. Paul’s Junior Warden:  Elisa Gallagher