Ways to Get Involved at St. Paul's


Members of the parish assist with Sunday and weekday services in several ways –

  • Altar Guild: Helps to maintain the sanctuary and prepares the altar for services including caring for vestments, vessels and linens of the parish. Contact Phil Frowery at pfrow@aol.com.
  • Flower Guild: Provides floral arrangements for weekly services as well as special decorations for Christmas and Easter. Contact Stacey Shepherd at tssheps@aol.com or Elisa Gallagher at tegall2@verizon.net.
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministry (LEM): Aids the clergy in the administration of the consecrated elements for the Eucharist during Holy Communion. Contact Elizabeth Doles at efdoles@gmail.com.
  • Lectors: Read lessons (readings) during the liturgy. Contact Lora Ciccia at parishoffice@stpaulswestfield.org.
  • Acolyte Guild: Assists the celebrant and enhances the worship service. Teens age 13-18 are invited to participate. Roles include crucifer who processes with the cross, the gospeler and torch bearers. Contact Sandy Antonelli at sandy.antonelli@gmail.com.
  • Ushers: Greet parishioners as they enter for service and assist with seating, the collection and Communion. Contact Alex Antonelli at aa@antarch.com.
  • Choirs: Provide musical leadership during services. Visit our music page to learn about St. Paul’s choirs.

Committees & More

Members can also serve the parish by joining committees related to social activities, maintaining the physical facilities and service to the broader community –

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee plans church dinners and parties, after-service coffee hours and receptions, fundraisers and other social events. Contact Caroline Ellison at cjellison@gmail.com.

Newcomers Committee

The Newcomers Committee welcomes new members of the parish by delivering information about St. Paul’s and a welcome basket to new individuals and families. Contact Anne Westpheling at annewestpheling@gmail.com.

Evangelism Committee

The Evangelism Committee manages the church website and informational outreach to potential and current members. It develops strategies and approaches to attract new members and increases involvement with current membership. Contact Aldo Scrofani at aldo@tmanyc.com.

Buildings, Grounds and Security Committee

The Buildings, Grounds and Security Committee assists with maintenance of the church and Day School campus. Contact Alex Antonelli at aa@antarch.com.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee directs the annual fall stewardship campaign and helps to secure pledges to meet the parish’s financial needs. Contact Elisa Gallagher at tegall2@verizon.net or Andy Rovito at arovito2@gmail.com.

Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee plans fun events designed to attract attendees beyond the current St. Paul’s family to make St. Paul’s known within the community.  Contact Runi Sriwardena at runisriwardena@hotmail.com.

Spiritual Life Committee

The Spiritual Life Committee assists clergy with planning liturgy and other activities to enhance the spiritual lives of the members of St. Paul’s. Contact Gale Jacob at galejacob@hotmail.com.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee organizes and engages community service and charitable projects. Contact Gale Jacob at galejacob@hotmail.com.

Lay Visitation Ministry

The Lay Visitation Ministry consists of parish members trained to assist the clergy and minister to parishioners in need. Contact Mary Czachowski at maryczachowski@gmail.com.

Memorial & Endowment Trust (MET)

The MET manages and invests the parish endowment. Contact Andy Rovito at arovito2@gmail.com.

Friends of Music

The Friends of Music program at  supports the music ministry at St. Paul’s. Contact Kevin Moore at tdecisions@gmail.com.

Day School Board

The St. Paul’s Day School Board  volunteers are either current Day School parents or active church members (or both) with expertise across such fields as finance, HR, marketing and education. Members also participate in one Board subcommittee, which take an active role in supporting various school initiatives. Contact spdsboard@gmail.com.

If you are interested in learning more about one of the above ways to get involved, contact the Parish Office at parishoffice@stpaulswestfield.org or speak with a member of the Clergy or Vestry.