Charles B.

Good morning!

I was honored to be coerced by Kate to share with you my thoughts on stewardship – not as a staff member of this wonderful parish, but as a pledging member of St. Paul’s Church.

Growing up in the south, I had a Saturday evening routine of picking out my clothes for Sunday morning church, polishing my shoes and putting out my collection for Sunday School (all three were my mother’s idea – none of which were enjoyable – especially giving part of my weekly allowance to my home church). But it was one of the best lessons my mom ever taught me.

I gladly give to St. Paul’s each year. I am privileged to be here daily and to see all of the many activities that take place here beyond Sunday morning.

St. Paul’s is blessed in so many ways, but during my years of being a member, we have struggled annually with finances, which is regrettable for such an outstanding parish so ably led and guided by our gifted Rector.

When I think about my pledge, I take into consideration the monthly bills for my cell phone, internet service, cable television and an occasional nice dinner (all luxuries I could live without). I hope you will do you same. If you have not yet submitted your pledge to St. Paul’s (I am guilty as charged) please do so. If you have never pledged – your gift – large or small – will help St. Paul’s Church continue its ministry and presence in Westfield and beyond.

— Charles B.