My Linh

St Paul’s is my spiritual home and community. This is why last year, as an adult, I chose to become a baptized Christian here. It is also why all four of my children have been baptized here. Being part of this church has provided me with many deeply meaningful moments and friendships.

Like stepping into any new home, I remember the curiosity and uncertainty I felt the first time I attended a service at St. Paul’s with my family. Listening to the beautiful voices in the choir put me right at ease, but when I found myself drawn in to Father Andrew’s sermon, I realized I wanted to return. His insightful and introspective sermons have continued to help me not only feel closer to God, but also to better understand myself.

Having been raised a Buddhist, I had a lot of questions to ask before I could commit to being baptized. I discovered the answers through my children’s baptisms and by attending the confirmation class as an observer. Studying and coming to believe the Apostle’s Creed was important. The big “a-ha” moment came, however, when I learned that the key to understanding God and our faith was through the three elements of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. During life’s difficult moments, I look to the Bible, what those before me have done, as well as inward to my own experiences.

On my journey to being baptized, I became part of the St. Paul’s community through volunteering and attending activities at church. Whether it is with Sunday School, Vacation Bible Camp, the Book Sale, or delivering food for Mission Kitchen, everyone was very welcoming and made me feel like I could make an impact no matter how much or how little time I had. I recall many moments of laughter while waiting for my kids at choir practice, attending the Connections playgroup, debating favorite characters at the Book Club, and attending social events like the Spring Auction or the Stewardship cocktail party. I am grateful to be part of St. Paul’s and to have found my spiritual home.

— My Linh