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#TogetherAgain – Some FAQs about Reopening

1. When will we return to in-person services?

We are aiming for Saturday July 18th and Sunday the 19th.

2. What will our worship schedule be?

For the foreseeable future, we will live in a transi-tion phase. We want to honor the sacrifice that fasting from the Eucharist has been for many of us. So, we will have two Communion services each weekend. These will be at 5pm on Saturday and 7:45am on Sunday.

The Saturday service will not be Inspirations Mass, but a straightforward Rite 2 Communion, without live music, but with a sermon. 7:45am will be the same as the regular service at that time.

For the foreseeable future, we will continue to stream a Morning Prayer service at 9am and an All-Age service at 10:30 – just like now. Neither will be in the presence of a live congregation.

3. Can I just show up at church?

No. We are restricted to 50 people in each service, with a 6-feet gap between households. So, people will need to register to attend a service. This can be done either on our phone app, or by phoning the Parish Office. If you try to register to attend a ser-vice that is already full, you will be placed at the top of the register for the next service you wish to attend.

4. Is everyone allowed to register?

Yes. We are not excluding any demographic from coming to church. However, if you are in a vulnera-ble population, you will want to think carefully about the risks of attending.

5. Will the clergy bring Communion to people’s homes if they cannot or do not wish to attend in-person?

Absolutely. We wish to make the sacraments equally available to all – regardless of age, mobility, or willingness to attend services while Covid is still an issue.

6. Will all the doors be open?

No. All worshipers will enter the church by the driveway door closest to the clergy offices.

Everyone will leave the building by the main front doors, except when disability prevents them from using the steps.

7. What if there’s a queue to get in?

People will separate by six feet while they wait. There will be tape on the ground, marking 6 feet gaps.

8. What will happen when I enter?

Upon entering you will be greeted by an usher who will check your name on the list of people who have registered.

9. Will I have to sanitize my hands?

Yes. There will be a hand sanitizer station immedi-ately inside the door.

10. Will an usher take my temperature?

No. If you are feeling unwell you should stay at home.

11. Do I need gloves and a mask?

Everyone, including the ushers and the clergy, will wear masks. Only the ushers will wear gloves. Peo-ple will keep their masks on for the whole time they are on church property. If you forget to bring a mask, an usher will direct you to one.

12. What about a bulletin?

You will collect a bulletin from the table on the way into the worship area. There will be no books in the pew racks.

13. How do I know where to sit?

An usher will accompany you (at 6 feet) to the place where you are to sit. You cannot choose your place, and once you are located in a seat you are to remain there for the duration of the service, unless

you need to use the bathroom.

14. Will there be an offering?

There won’t be a plate passed among the congrega-tion. Instead there will be a station near the main doors where you can place your offering. You can also give via your phone by scanning the QR code on the bulletin, or by using the St Paul’s Church phone app.

15. I’ve heard that singing is especially dangerous in passing on the virus. Will we be singing?

No. For the foreseeable future there will be no con-gregational singing.

16. How will Communion be distributed?

At the time for Holy Communion, the priest will come to each worshipper, walking parallel to the vacant pew in front of every occupied pew. People will not leave their places. Clergy may only place wafers in people’s hands and must not make physi-cal contact in the process. Communicants will re-move their masks to place the wafer in their mouths.

17. Will we receive both the bread and the wine?

No. People will only receive the bread for the time being.

18. Can we share the peace with others?

No. There will be no physical contact with anyone, and the 6 feet rule will be enforced at all times.

19. What if I need the bathroom?

In each bathroom there will be a packet of disinfect-ant wipes. Please wipe down the surfaces you have touched when you leave.

20. Is there coffee hour?


21. What if I develop symptoms of the virus after attending church?

Please alert the Parish Office immediately. We will then inform everyone who was at the service that a fellow-worshiper is ill. We will keep your identity confidential.

22. What about contact tracing?

If we learn that someone who attended a service you also attended has developed symptoms of the virus, we will phone you. You should then seek to be tested and/or quarantine as appropriate and in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

23. What if one of the clergy contracts the virus?

All in-person events and services will be canceled for 14 days.

We’re getting there! Thank you for your patience and understanding.